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Expert Water Leak Detection in Dallas

Don’t Let Leaks Drown Your Budget

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Authentic Plumbing Solutions is renowned for its superior water leak detection services in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We take immense pride in our ability to provide optimal solutions, making us the go-to experts for any issues related to water leak detection.

Our technicians excel at non-invasive leak repairs that minimize disruption to your home or business. We also assist with insurance claim documentation by providing you with detailed reports and moisture mapping. You can feel confident that any leak, whether minor or severe, will be resolved correctly the first time with long-lasting results.

We understand the stress of water leaks for Dallas homeowners. Even a small leak can cause extensive damage, mold, and high bills. At Authentic Plumbing, we use advanced technology to quickly locate leaks behind walls or under slabs. Our certified specialists then provide long-lasting repairs using proven methods, with upfront pricing and warranties. Don’t wait – contact us at the first sign of a leak.

Why Our Clients Trust Us:

  • Expert Team: Trained professionals who are quick to detect and recommend the best course of action.
  • Advanced Technology: Utilizing cutting-edge equipment to locate leaks with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: From detection to repair, we’ve got it all covered.
  • Non-Invasive Methods: Our techniques ensure minimum disruption to your property.
  • Insurance Friendly: Assisting you in claim processing by providing detailed reports.

Why You Should Choose Authentic Plumbing

Prevent Costly Repairs

Early detection saves you money on potential future damages.

Available 24/7

Rest assured, our services are available round-the-clock!

Protect Property Value

Maintain structural integrity and property value by tackling leaks immediately.

Services We Offer

5 Star Ratings From Past Clients

I called around 7ish in the morning and they were at my home by 9:15am. My family and I really appreciated Devon coming out and being efficient and timely and taking care of my water heater replacement. Great job.

Tyra Fort

Devon was out so quick for an unexpected pipe burst after hours. He was out within the hour or so and was able to give us a good, affordable repair quickly. Couldn’t recommend more.

Lauren Conner

Brandon is a blessing sent guy a very informative person about what he does thank for him and his service may God bless Authentic Plumbing for years to come thank you.

John Evans

Water Leak Detection FAQ’S

How do I know if I have a water leak?

Some common signs of a water leak include unexplained increases in your water bill, water stains or dampness on walls/floors/ceilings, a musty odor, the sound of running water when fixtures are off, or visible mold growth.

What tools do you use to detect hidden leaks?

At Authentic Plumbing Solutions, our certified leak detection experts utilize advanced technology like thermal imaging cameras, electronic moisture meters, acoustic ground microphones/listening discs, video pipe inspection cameras, and more to find concealed leaks.

Can you locate leaks without damaging my walls or floors?

Yes, our methods are non-invasive and can often detect leaks from the exterior of the home as well as through small access points, avoiding the need for major demolition in many cases.

How accurate is professional leak detection?

With the proper training and state-of-the-art equipment, our plumbers can typically pinpoint leak sources with great accuracy, often within just a few inches.

My home is on a slab foundation - can you still find slab leaks?

Absolutely. Our leak detection tools and processes are ideally suited for precisely locating underground slab leaks, even when there are no visible signs above the surface yet.

Once a leak is detected, what are my repair options?

Depending on the situation, we can fix isolated leaks with targeted repairs or reline/reroute sections of piping as needed using trenchless methods. We provide upfront pricing for the most cost-effective solution.

How long does the leak detection process usually take?

Most residential leak detection services can be completed within just a few hours by our experienced crew, however larger commercial buildings may require more time.

Are your plumbers trained and certified in water leak detection?

Yes, all of our leak detection specialists at Authentic Plumbing Solutions undergo extensive training and hold professional certifications in using the latest leak detection equipment and methods properly. You can feel confident in our expertise.